Atlantic Book Shop closing

The handwriting has been on the wall (or in this case the window) for the past month or so, but Atlantic Book Shop, the used book store on Atlantic Avenue is going out of business. A “store for rent” sign has appeared, and remaining books are being sold off at a 75% discount.

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  • Andrew Porter

    Are the book cases also for sale?

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Whenever an independent book store closes, its more than
    a business closing, its a little bit of freedom dying. Independent
    book stores insure you will have access to a wide Uncontrolled
    range of literature from many perspectives and eras. If the
    only access to books is through a few large chains, that means something like perhaps five to ten buyers decide what you will
    see..and what you won’t.

    Like independent newspapers, independent book stores are
    a MAJOR safeguard of freedom.

  • nabeguy

    What would you use them for Andrew? To store your collection of Kindles and Nooks?

  • AEB

    Fortunately we have Book Court, at 163 Court. An extraordinary local, maybe even planetary resource.

  • Heightser

    Perhaps it was the rejection of selling children’s books that added to the demise?