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Karl Junkersfeld, whom those who have been following BHB for years may remember for his videos, has reminded us that Movies With A View will be showing The Big Lebowski this Thursday evening, August 8, and that this will be the second time around for this 1998 classic. Karl has provided us with a link to his 2010 video of the first, and only previous time The Dude has filled the screen on Brooklyn Bridge Park. Be careful, if you’re on a diet don’t watch this while you’re hungry.

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Is Brooklyn Heights Cool? Tue, 06 Aug 2019 20:28:07 +0000

Not “cool” in the sense of “hip”, though we may be a little of that (at least Montague Street gets name-checked in a Bob Dylan song), but in terms of ambient temperature. Right now, as I write this, that’s 81 degrees Fahrenheit; not quite as bad as it’s been lately. According to Curbed NY, citing a study by, the Heights is one of the four coolest neighborhoods in the City. The others are Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights, and the Concourse in the South Bronx. What all have in common, according to the Curbed piece, is proximity to parks. It notes the Heights’ proximity to Brooklyn Bridge Park, but observes the park’s lack of mature trees. It doesn’t mention the phalanx of trees along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade (photo, by C. Scales), which certainly have some effect, along with our many street trees and other abundant greenery.

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Movies With A View Returns This Week Sun, 07 Jul 2019 22:54:02 +0000

Hard though it may seem to believe, this summer marks the twentieth season of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy’s free “Movies With A View,” which are shown on Thursday evenings in July and August at the Harbor View Lawn on Pier 1. This year’s lineup includes favorites from previous seasons; among these is local hero Spike Lee’s Crooklyn, which will be shown on August 1. The season begins this Thursday, July 11 with a screening of another movie with a Brooklyn locale, Pariah. There’s more information and a full schedule here.

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How to View the 4th of July Fireworks (or Avoid the Crowds) Sun, 30 Jun 2019 18:51:12 +0000

Brace yourselves neighbors, this year the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks return to Brooklyn Heights. The Grucci Family pyrotechnic spectacular is set to launch from the Brooklyn Bridge and four barges in the East River between Piers 1 and 6 of Brooklyn Bridge Park. The premium viewing locations are The Brooklyn Heights Promenade, Brooklyn Bridge Park and Dumbo’s Main/Street and Carousel area.

It goes without saying massive crowds are to be expected along with street closures, parking restrictions, frozen zones, checkpoints and bag inspections. The thirty-minute show pops off at 9:30. The Montague BID sent out this primer with ALL the details:


Last but not least, Andrea from Rocco & Jezebel would like to remind you not to forget about your pets this holiday. The explosions can easily spook your fur-baby. If you must bring your dog to the show, keep them on a leash at all times to prevent them from bolting off.  Have a safe and happy 4th everyone!

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Scissura to Community Groups: “Very Little Chance” of Promenade Highway Sat, 29 Jun 2019 03:42:17 +0000

The Brooklyn Heights Association has reported that, in his strongest statement yet on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway reconstruction plans, Carlo Scissura, chair of the panel studying the issue, said the Department of Transportation’s “innovative” proposal to build a temporary six lane highway in the location of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade “has very little chance of being approved.” According to the BHA, he also made it clear that “any temporary alternatives encroaching on Brooklyn Bridge Park would face similar obstacles and would not be approved, thus removing the temporary parallel bypass at the eastern edge of the park – the BHA/Wouters alternative – from consideration.”

The BHA release also includes a link to the BQE Panel Update dated June 27, 2019. The Update includes the following on page 14:

There may be a need for a temporary alternative route during what may be a six to ten-year construction period, but the alternatives proposed by the city Department of Transportation present very serious issues with very little chance of being approved; other alternatives should be explored. The Commission has serious concerns about the proposed highway and encroachment on the Promenade (other than to renovate and upgrade the Promenade) or major incursion into the Brooklyn Bridge Park with a temporary highway.

Keep in mind that the panel’s report, which can be expected “in early fall” of this year (page 20 of the Update), is advisory only; while it should be very influential on the DOT and other interested agencies, there is no assurance that its recommendations will be followed.

Update: The Eagle’s Mary Frost reports on Scissura’s statement, also offering some pertinent quotations. City Council Speaker Corey Johnson told the Eagle, “I look forward to working with the residents of these neighborhoods and others to find a smart 21st-century solution to the BQE problem.” Cobble Hill Association President Amy Breedlove said, “There is an opportunity to make the BQE a connector and not a divider as it has been historically.” Outgoing BHA Executive Director Peter Bray said

From the vantage point of the Brooklyn Heights Association, the tremendous focus brought by the community and the organizational efforts of the Brooklyn Heights Association and A Better Way NYC really paid tremendous dividends….It certainly makes it easier to leave at this point knowing we’re in a much better position than we were a year ago.

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Wilde Times at Brooklyn Bridge Park Sat, 15 Jun 2019 03:24:40 +0000

Beginning this coming Tuesday evening, June 18 at 7:00 and continuing each evening at the same time through Sunday, June 23 on the Bridge View Lawn of Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park, the New York Classical Theatre will present free performances of Oscar Wilde’s (photo) The Importance of Being Earnest.

Considered one of the great comedies in the English language, Wilde’s 1895 classic is a satire of social manners and obligations in Victorian England. In New York Classical’s production, the entire cast will swap roles (and genders) every other performance to explore the power dynamics in the script.

There’s more information here.

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“Unplugged” Music Series Starts Friday Evening at Brooklyn Bridge Park; Stargazing Afterwards Wed, 05 Jun 2019 16:31:06 +0000

Brooklyn Bridge Park presents “Unplugged,” a series of free acoustic concerts featuring folk, country, gospel, and soul musicians. The series begins this Friday, June 7 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. with local favorites Ali Dineen and Feral Foster (photo, by C. Scales), whom your correspondent heard at this year’s Brooklyn Folk Festival. They will be joined by thirteen year old banjo and singing wonder Little Nora Brown.

There will be succeeding concerts each Friday evening from 6 to 8, through August 2. A complete schedule is here. Concerts will take place at the Greenway on Pier 3 (see map at immediately previous link).

Also on this Friday evening, and each succeeding Friday evening through August 9, from 8:30 to 10:30 (weather permitting), members of the .Amateur Astronomers Association of New York will be on the Pier 1 Promenade with their high-powered telescopes for a free Journey to the Stars. The AAA members will share views through their telescopes of the moon and such planets and stars as may be visible in our sky on each night.

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Kite Festival at Brooklyn Bridge Park Saturday Tue, 07 May 2019 02:56:08 +0000

This Saturday, May 11, from noon to 3:00 p.m., weather permitting, there will be a Kite Festival at Pier 5, the soccer field pier near the foot of Joralemon Street, Brooklyn Bridge Park. This year’s festival will include many new features, including live music, robot demonstrations, and many more fun and educational activities. Admission is free. There is more information here.

Photo: C. Scales for BHB.

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Irish Cyclist Ends Transcontinental Ride in Brooklyn Bridge Park Sun, 05 May 2019 01:55:15 +0000

The Irish Times reports that 26 year old Shane Finn, of County Kerry, Ireland, today completed a 36 day bicycle journey that began at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and ended at Brooklyn Bridge Park, where he was greeted by his cousin, Mary Evans, who flew over from Ireland for the event. Mr. Finn undertook the transcontinental challenge, as he has several marathon runs, to raise funds for Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland; spina bifida hydrocephalus is a condition with which Ms. Evans was born. See photos in the story linked above. There is a U.S. organization that also raises funds for the same purpose: see here.

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Tall Ship Coming To Brooklyn Bridge Park This Weekend Wed, 01 May 2019 01:49:47 +0000

The brigantine Corwith Cramer (photo) will dock at Pier 5, Brooklyn Bridge Park this Thursday, May 2 and will remain until Sunday, May 12. The ship will be open for tours this Friday, May 3 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.; Sunday, May 5 from 9:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m.; Friday, May 10 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; and Saturday, May 11 from noon to 2:30 p.m. There’s more information here.

Photo courtesy of Sea Education Association | SEA Semester ® |

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New Design For Squibb Park Bridge; Steel Not Wood Tue, 23 Apr 2019 02:03:32 +0000

The Brooklyn Paper reports that Brooklyn Bridge Park honchos have revealed plans for a replacement for the twice cursed Squibb Park Pedestrian Bridge (photo, C. Scales for BHB), AKA the “Bouncy Bridge,” that allowed access from Columbia Heights above Squibb Park to Brooklyn Bridge Park. The new design will be close to the old, but replaces wooden slats with steel ones. It comes at an estimated cost of $6.5 million.

Tip o’ the hat to Brooklyn Paper scribe Kevin Duggan (wonder if he’s kin to my late Bells of Hell/Lion’s Head pal and distinguished journalist Dennis Duggan) for including a reference to one of my favorite bands in his headline.

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Times Reports on BHA’s BQE Plan; Guarded But Positive DOT Response Fri, 25 Jan 2019 04:08:10 +0000

Today’s New York Times reports that the alternative routing for the for the temporary highway to be used during reconstruction of the portion of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway below Brooklyn Heights, proposed by the Brooklyn Heights Association has, at least in an initial form, been revealed. Scroll down in the linked Times story, past the photo of the designer, Marc Wouters, with the plan in the background, to the image of the plan in full. According to the Times story, “[t]he alternative plan is still largely an untested concept and would require extensive vetting, though the [BHA] did hire a consulting firm to do an initial review.” It continues:

Even the [BHA] says its plan is not meant to be the only solution, but is intended to expand public discussion and challenge city officials to think more creatively about repairing a six-lane highway that carries 153,000 vehicles daily.

The Times story continues:

Polly Trottenberg, the city transportation commissioner, said her agency was analyzing the association’s plan as it also continues to explore other options for rebuilding the B.Q.E. “We’re working through the technical details, but we appreciate them putting it forward,” she said.

Ms. Trottenberg said she expects to end up with four to six options, which will be weighed in public discussions as part of a thorough review process that will last about two years. “We certainly acknowledge that the two we led with [the temporary six lane highway replacing the Promenade and the lane-by-lane approach likely to divert much traffic to local streets] were extremely controversial,” she said.

The alternative proposed by the BHA would place the temporary highway over a portion of Brooklyn Bridge Park, although not any part used by the public except for parking. The Times quotes Park President Eric Landau: “We have questions and concerns about this proposal, but are involved in the discussion.”

Read the linked Times story for more pertinent information, including the reaction of one Promenade visitor.

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Local News Round-Up: Kushner Gives Refunds; Changes At Brooklyn Bridge Park Fri, 07 Dec 2018 03:41:42 +0000

One need only look the towers rising all around us to know that the little guy doesn’t often survive a battle with Big Real Estate…but at 89 Hicks Street, that’s what happened.

Crain’s reports that after a class-action lawuit by five tenants, Kushner Cos. re-paid $100,000 that it had overcharged them in “skirting” rent regulation laws.


Lawyers for the tenants and others in similar situations in Brooklyn Heights buildings purchased by Kushner Co. say that further litigation is likely, despite Kushner Cos.’ attorney’s contention that the matter is settled. Get the full story at Crain’s. 

Water over a troubled bridge? We hear from Curbed that repairs on the long-beleaguered Squibb Bridge will come to an end. But wait! Instead of a revamped bridge, we’re going to get a brand spanking new one…sometime in 2020.

The new bridge will dispense with the sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials that have been heretofore used, replacing them prefab steel and aluminum.

BBP president Eric Landau told Curbed, “We feel really, really strongly that having a functional bridge that doesn’t call into question whether or not it’s going to be open is paramount.”

Well, yeah. That would be good.

Cost of the new bridge is estimated at $6.5 million, just shy of the $7.5 million that’s already gone into it.  More details at Curbed.

At least all the extra steps you’ll be taking to access the Park from the Heights will justify a stop at the bottom of the hill once Ample Hills takes over the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, as reported by Eater. As the ice cream fanatics among us (myself included) know all too well, Ample Hills is already established at the south end of the Park, and if I might editorialize, it was rather nice having two types of ice cream available in the Park. But fans of the Factory, take heart: the owners hope to find another location nearby.


As always, please go the sources for these articles for additional details and to support their original reporting and writing. We couldn’t bring the news to you without them, and the world of digital media is not such a happy place to be these days.

Photo credit: Claire Scanlon, used with permission via Pexels

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City Will Consider Options for BQE Reconstruction Sun, 30 Sep 2018 18:30:39 +0000

A large crowd assembled for Thursday evening’s meeting at which City Department of Transportation officials discussed plans for the reconstruction of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway below Brooklyn Heights. I took the photo some minutes before the program began; by the time it did there were even more standing in the back or along the sides, and some were turned away because of lack of space. The size of the crowd, almost all of whom made the trek from the Heights to Myrtle Avenue just beyond the Flatbush Avenue Extension, was occasioned by the DOT’s recent announcement of an “innovative” plan to build a temporary elevated highway that would replace the Brooklyn Heights Promenade for six years and put highway traffic, including many trucks, close to residences and playgrounds. These are my takeaways from the meeting; for other accounts see The Brooklyn Paper and Curbed.

Nothing is settled. DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg said that this meeting was only the first of many public events to be held as part of the environmental review process that will continue from now until 2020, when the request for proposals to design and rebuild the BQE will be issued. While the DOT’s Chief Engineer, Robert Collyer, stated his preference for the “innovative” plan, he allowed that the decision on how to proceed would be made as a result of the environmental assessment. Even the tunnel option is still a conceivable outcome, although DOT’s Senior Program Manager Tanvi Pandya noted that the only tunnel alignment the DOT considers feasible would place its northern entrance and exit north of both the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. This means that traffic to and from these bridges would still have to use the present BQE alignment, or else be routed over local streets. Other means of reducing the traffic burden on the BQE, such as putting tolls on the East River bridges and effecting congestion pricing in Manhattan, would require cooperation at the state level. State Senator Brian Kavanagh, addressing the meeting, said he would support whatever state actions were necessary. Any action with regard to the Verazzano Bridge tolls would require federal approval.

The temporary highway may be re-routed over part of Brooklyn Bridge Park. This was suggested by a local resident during the question and answer period, and was also alluded to by City Council Member Steve Levin, who noted in his remarks at the meeting, “there are these berms ….” The Wall Street Journal reports that, after the meeting, Commissioner Trottenberg expressed willingness to consider this option.

No matter what, the Promenade must be rebuilt. In her opening remarks, Commissioner Trottenberg said that like many of Robert Moses’s structures, the cantilevered portion of the BQE “was not built to last.” Ms. Pandya noted that the Promenade is part of this “not built to last” structure and that, while it doesn’t bear the weight burden that the BQE lanes below do, it is still structurally unsound. The question is whether the rebuilding of the Promenade will be done in one fell swoop (and, under the “innovative” plan, following a six year closure) or in segments, allowing access to parts of the Promenade while work is done on others.

Direct access from Columbia Heights to DUMBO, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Squibb Park, and Hillside Dog Park will be interrupted. This is because the bridge that carries Columbia Heights over the BQE must be removed during the reconstruction. This will also entail temporary loss of the Harry Chapin Playground, which sits atop that bridge. Asked about the effect of the “innovative” plan on the Pierrepont Playground, which would abut the temporary elevated highway, Ms. Pandya said the playground would be all right. There were also assurances that, apart from the access issue, Hillside Dog Park would not be affected.

Existing BQE environmental problems may not be cured. During the question and answer period, Willowtown Association member Martin Hale said he had measured noise levels from BQE traffic at Adam Yauch Park, near his home, and found they sometimes exceeded eighty decibels. He said the federal regulations governing environmental assessments included provisions allowing the grandfathering of pre-existing conditions or those that cannot be mitigated by technically available means, and asked if the DOT would rely on these. Mr. Collyer said they would not rely on them with respect to the construction work, and would do their best to mitigate any noise and air quality problems. However, no assurance was given that, following completion of the project, pre-existing environmental problems would be alleviated.

Update: The BHA has now announced its opposition to the “innovative” proposal and urged the DOT to “work with the community to identify and evaluate other options that do not prioritize motorists at the complete expense of residents.” The BHA has yet to take a position. The first speaker during the question and answer period was Peter Bray, Executive Director of the Brooklyn Heights Association. He began by comparing the available options to the circles of Dante’s Inferno, an analogy with which Commissioner Trottenberg agreed. Mr. Bray said he had heard from many Heights residents, all of whom were strongly opposed to the elevated highway proposal. He said the BHA “will listen to all alternatives and be responsible to the community.” He also noted concerns that the city would run short of money needed to complete the restoration of the Promenade. Commissioner Trottenberg replied that it’s not up to DOT which option to choose, that there are “many stakeholders” as well as those directly affected by the elevated highway proposal, and that the “Design/Build” procedure authorized by the state for the project meant that the contractor would agree to a firm price. Ms. Pandya added that bonds and insurance would cover the contractor’s obligations.

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Squibb Bridge: The Saga Continues Wed, 19 Sep 2018 02:14:16 +0000

The saga might continue, but the bridge as a path to Brooklyn Bridge Park won’t…not for the foreseeable future.

As reported in Brooklyn Paperthe minor problem that led to the bridge being closed in July is, in fact, “a far bigger structural flaw.”

This comes, of course, after $3 million in repairs after the bridge was found to be structurally faulty not longer after it opened in 2013.

The more extensive problems were discovered by the firm that undertook the lengthy repairs the last time the bridge was closed for safety reasons.

The problem, according to Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation head Eric Landau, is “higher than expected moisture level.”

There is no timetable for the current repairs to be completed and the bridge re-opened.

As the Brooklyn Paper points out, the bridge has now been closed longer than it’s been open.

As always, read the original story for details and to support local journalism–and not just because one of my BHB comments is included in the story. Nice to know that our BP colleagues read us, too!





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Brooklyn Bridge Park Swimming in Ideas For New Pool Tue, 18 Sep 2018 23:34:13 +0000

Brooklyn Paper won the aquatic pun contest, while the Eagle  doused readers with details about recent public meetings for the pool planned for Squibb Park, slated to open in 2020.

Brooklyn Bridge Park President Eric Landau was joined at PS 8 by Kristina Drury, founder of Tythe Design, the community engagement firm hired by the Park, at gatherings to solicit suggestions and concerns about the permanent structure.

According to our local reports, approximately 100 people in total attended the two sessions, held on September 12 and 16.

Among the ideas/wishes proffered by locals:

  • a pool that would accommodate both children and adults, including older people who may have mobility problems, though one participant observed, “I like children, but there are so many children [at the Pop-Up Pool] all the time and I could never swim. There were unruly children. If it’s a lap pool maybe there will be less children like that and I could swim sometimes.”
  • a pool that could be used in both summer and winter
  • shaded areas
  • private swimming hours that would accommodate Orthodox Jewish women
  • a concession stand, though perhaps one that might be limited to avoid trash/traffic problems

As with all matters related to the Park, concerns were raised about crowds, foot traffic, and theft. Nancy Webster, executive director of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, told the Eagle that the pool has the potential to “be a real gathering spot and a real experience for members not only of the surrounding communities, but communities further afield.”

According to Landau, an online survey has garnered over 1,500 responses. The pool is expected to double the capacity of the Pop-Up Pool, accommodating between 150 and 300 people, and cost between $10 and $15 million.

Get all the details at the Eagle and Brooklyn Paper. Your clicks help support the good work of our local publications.

Were you at the meetings? Tell us what you think.
















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Community Meeting Tonight & Sunday: Brooklyn Bridge Park Seeks Input for Squibb Park Pool Wed, 12 Sep 2018 15:51:44 +0000

From the folks at community group, Love Our Pool:

“Great news! Community planning for the permanent pool in Squibb Park is in motion and Brooklyn Bridge Park would like our input! The Park wants to learn more about how you use the Pop-up Pool as well as your ideas and concerns about this new permanent pool.

Please fill out this short survey and share your ideas, your experiences and your perspectives about the new pool. Click here to access the survey. Looking to contribute further? Join us for an upcoming Community Conversation to dive deeper.

Join us at PS8 at 37 Hicks Street,NY,11201 Wednesday, September 12th from 6-8:30p -OR- Sunday, September 16th from 2-4:30p.  Space is limited. Click here to RSVP.

Please note, both event dates will be identical experiences. You are advised to choose a single event to attend. Find out more about the pool and upcoming Community Conversation.”

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Brooklyn Book Festival This Sunday Tue, 11 Sep 2018 10:54:22 +0000

The Brooklyn Book Festival will be on Sunday, September 16 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m at Borough Hall and other nearby venues, and in Columbus Park (immediately north of Borough Hall). There will be readings by and discussions with writers, and books for sale. There’s more information here. There will also be a special Children’s Day before the main festival, on Saturday, September 15.

During this week and the Monday following the Festival there will be “Bookend” events held in various venues around Brooklyn and in other parts of the City. A full schedule is here.

In conjunction with this year’s Festival, Heather Wolf, author of Birding at the Bridge, is inviting bird enthusiasts and those curious to learn more, to meet at the booth (#312) of her publisher, The Experiment, at noon on Sunday and to go from there to Brooklyn Bridge Park to look for some migrating birds. More details and RSVP here.

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Brooklyn Bridge Park Seeks Input on Squibb Pool Sat, 18 Aug 2018 17:26:03 +0000

Want to offer feedback on the proposed pool?

Here you go.

The survey takes just a few minutes.

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National Night Out Against Crime – Tues., Aug. 7, 4:30 pm at Pier 5 Tue, 07 Aug 2018 02:10:57 +0000

The 84th Precinct Community Council invites all to the National Night Out Against Crime- Neighborhood Safe Streets Rally, at the Pier 5 Picnic Peninsula in Brooklyn Bridge Park, on Tuesday, August 7 at 4:30 p.m. There will be entertainment, refreshments, ice cream, games, and face painting, as well as bicycle and scooter registration. Bicycle accessories will be distributed by the Department of Transportation. See flyer and video below.


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“Bouncy Bridge” Closed Again Tue, 17 Jul 2018 02:11:55 +0000

If you’ve walked by the entrance to Squibb Park on Columbia Heights or along the pedestrian and bike walkway that parallels Pier One in Brooklyn Bridge Park (which is where your correspondent got the photo) anytime since Friday you’ve probably noticed that the Squibb Park, or “Bouncy” pedestrian bridge has been closed again. Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation President Eric Landau has given the following explanation:

We recently completed a routine inspection of Squibb Bridge, and unfortunately, discovered a piece of wood in poor condition. Out of an abundance of caution, we have temporarily closed the bridge while our engineers conduct further analysis. This analysis will fully inform the appropriate repair and associated timeline.

Since Squibb Bridge reopened in the Spring of 2017, it has again become a popular and vital access point to Brooklyn Bridge Park, and we are committed to ensuring that it remains one.

We are working closely with our engineers to reopen the bridge as soon as possible and will provide updates. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.

We hope it will re-open soon.

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A Bird Spotting Walk Leads From Pier 1 to Newly Opened Pier 3 Mon, 16 Jul 2018 03:05:14 +0000

Your correspondent roused himself from bed early Saturday morning in time to join Heather Wolf and a group of other orinthophiles for a bird spotting walk around Pier One and the newly opened Pier Three in Brooklyn Bridge Park. On our walk around Pier One we saw many birds, mostly sparrows, starlings, robins, and catbirds. We did find one red winged blackbird on the Bridge View Lawn; unfortunately, it was too far away for me to get a good photo. When we got to the south edge of the pier, I was able to get a shot of two double-crested cormorants perched on pilings, drying their wings.

IMG_1349Arriving at Pier Three, I found this expanse of lawn, with a view of the downtown Manhattan skyline.

IMG_1360One of the objectives of our walk was to find young birds that had hatched in the park during the spring and early summer. We found this juvenile Northern Mockingbird, whose parent was periodically bringing food.

IMG_1363The pier offers several lounging areas, with Adirondack chairs, and some with picnic tables. This is at the pier’s southwest corner.

IMG_1391Near the pier’s nortwest corner, we found two terns, perched on a piling, engaged in courtship.

IMG_1394The mirror labyrinth, located near the pier’s northeastern corner, afforded your correspondent the opportunity to take a simultaneous triple selfie.

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Never Mind the Bollards, Here Are The Local Landmarks Tue, 03 Jul 2018 00:04:09 +0000

If local officials have their way, habitues of the Promenade and Brooklyn Bridge Park might need to watch where they’re going.

According to the Eagle, the city has been considering since last fall the installation of retractable bollards at entrances to the Park and the Promenade, spurred by the attack on the West Side walking path in Manhattan that killed eight people.

In a letter sent out June 13 but not publically shared until now, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams urged NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill, Parks Department Commissioner Mitchell Silver and Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioner Polly Trottenberg to consider “specific locations in Brooklyn that are ripe for additional security measures.”

Borough president Eric Adams said that our local locations “should be considered for inclusion in the first round of bollard security investment.”

Adams is a former police officer.

There doesn’t seem to be a timeline or a firm plan in place yet, but it’s not surprising that such popular spots for locals and visitors would be among those receiving extra security attention.

As always, please read the original article for more details…support our local journalists!

Photo: Shinya Suzuki via Flickr and Creative Commons.






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Brooklyn Bridge Park’s “Movies with a View” Features Women Directors Sat, 30 Jun 2018 20:45:56 +0000

This summer’s edition of “Movies with a View”, Brooklyn Bridge Park’s annual free outdoor movie festival, has the theme “She Directs.” All of the films to be shown have women as directors. The schedule (all are on Thursday evenings) is:

July 12, Desperately Seeking Susan (Susan Seidelman)

July 19, Kung Fu Panda 2 (Jennifer Yuh Nelson)

July 26, Paris is Burning (Jennie Livingston)

August 2, Bend it Like Beckham (Gurinder Chadha)

August 9, Wayne’s World (Penelope Spheeris)

August 16, Love & Basketball (Gina Prince-Bythewood)

August 23, Wonder Woman (Patty Jenkins)

August 30, Big (Penny Marshall)

The festivities, which take place on the Harbor View Lawn, Pier One, begin each evening at 6:00 with a DJ show (all women DJs this year) followed by a short film (all by women), followed by the featured movie. Food, beer, wine, and soft drinks from Smorgasburg will be available for sale on the Pier One Promenade. There’s more information here.

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Pop-Up Pool Opens Wednesday, June 27 Wed, 27 Jun 2018 03:46:12 +0000

The much loved Pop-Up Pool at Brooklyn Bridge Park will open Wednesday, June 27, for its final season. The new Squibb Park Pool won’t be completed by next summer, so the park will be without a swimming hole for a while.

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Battle Brewing Over Park Bridge On Montague Wed, 27 Jun 2018 01:51:47 +0000

It was just a matter of time.

A few days ago, we shared Brooklyn Paper‘s news about the possibility of an access bridge from Montague St. to Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Today, the Eagle writes about the inevitable objections raised by Montague St. residents.

Montague Street to Brooklyn Bridge Park will ruin the “peace and relaxation” of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and infringe on the Promenade’s protected views, say some Heights residents who live near Montague Street.

Predictably, the business interests on Montague feel differently:

…the increased pedestrian traffic would be a boost to businesses, said Kate Chura, ‎executive director of the ‎Montague Street Business Improvement District.

But Rick Dean, president of the co-op board at 2 Montague Terrace, says the idea requires much more study before any support is given. The stately 2 Montague Terrace is adjacent to the walkway connecting Montague Street to the Promenade.

Among the most serious objections came from the president of the co-op board at 2 Montague Terrace, Rick Dean, according to the Eagle, which quoted him as saying in a letter to the Brooklyn Heights Association that a new bridge could “kill the neighborhood.”



The comments came at a meeting last Thursday.

Was anyone else present? Anything to add to the conversation?

Check out the Eagle for more details, and let us know what you think…



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BBP Infrastructure Updates: Swimming In Construction Fri, 22 Jun 2018 11:45:12 +0000

The ever-on-top-of-it reporters at Brooklyn Paper have more info on the good news/bad news about the permanent pool coming to the neighborhood.

The good news is that the pool is expected to be completed in about two years.

The bad news is that its construction may well wreak havoc on park access.

When I first posted about the pool a couple of weeks ago, one of my questions was about how it would affect the Squibb Bridge access from the neighborhood. Turns out, pool construction and the pool itself might eliminate it entirely.

Falling under “depends on your point of view” is the possibility of a new bridge from Montague Street to the park–this sounds like good news to me, though I suspect others in the neighborhood might feel differently.

…a handful of Brooklyn Heights pols recently penned a letter to the Department of Transportation, asking transit gurus to include a permanent, handicapped-accessible bridge in their plan for rehabilitating the expressway.

Complicating matters is the possibility that pool construction will overlap the overhaul of the BQE.

As always, hit the original article for more details…it’s because of their work that we can share these stories with you, and they deserve your clicks.

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Metropolitan Opera Recital at Brooklyn Bridge Park Wednesday Evening Sun, 10 Jun 2018 04:09:19 +0000

The Metropolitan Opera’s Summer Recital Series returns to Brooklyn Bridge Park, Harbor View Lawn, Pier 1 this Wednesday evening, June 13, from 7:00 to 9:00. This year’s recitals feature soprano Latonia Moore, tenor Mario Chang, and baritone Joshua Hopkins (photo, by Simon Pauly). It’s free. There’s more information here.

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“Sing for Hope” Pianos Return Wed, 06 Jun 2018 02:53:01 +0000

The much loved “Sing for Hope” pianos are back. They are at many locations throughout Brooklyn and the City, including two in Brooklyn Bridge Park: one on the esplanade of Pier One in front of the Granite Prospect, and one on Pier Six. They will be here through Sunday, June 24. Go tickle those ivories!

I had hoped to get a photo of the piano on Pier One early this evening, perhaps with someone playing it, but found it draped in plastic against the forecast of rain. I’ve used a photo I took of the piano that was there in 2013.

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A Permanent Pool For Brooklyn Bridge Park Fri, 01 Jun 2018 12:54:24 +0000

Posted by Brooklyn Bridge Park on Twitter this morning:

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: A permanent pool is coming to BBP! The location of the pool will be Squibb Park, which sits above Pier 1 and is connected to BBP by Squibb Park Bridge. We are thrilled to add such a desired amenity by park visitors and the community to our world-class park!

More details as they become available.

First thought:  Yay!

Second thought: How psyched are the people in those buildings going to be to have a pool right outside?

Third thought: What does this mean for the bridge from Columbia Heights to the park?

Gothamist has details.

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