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By: Rich Garr Fri, 04 Jun 2010 21:12:31 +0000 Megan and I at Gotham SideWalks have been honing our one-and-only bike tour, and it runs this Sunday (6/6). To schedule this or any of our tours at a different time, contact us. We’ve had great success with private tours and special events. I’m pasting our bike tour blurb below, but visit our website for more details and info on tours in Brooklyn Heights, Coney Island, and other other themed walks around Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

100 years of baseball history in 10 miles and 3 hours! Whether you live in Brooklyn or not, most baseball fans know about the great Brooklyn Dodger teams of the 1950s. You’ve probably heard about Jackie Robinson and the color barrier, the magic of Ebbets Field, or the meteoric rise of Brooklyn’s own Sandy Koufax. This bike tour takes you from the roots of Civil War era “base ball” to the exit of the Dodgers in 1957… all while rolling along one of the finest circuits of urban bike paths in the country.

Meet in Brooklyn in front of Ride Brooklyn bike shop, 468 Bergen Street (bike rentals available). Trains: 2/3 to Bergen; 4/5/6/D/N/R/M/LIRR to Atlantic-Pacific

Happy Summer, Rich

By: Homer Fink Thu, 18 Feb 2010 21:17:48 +0000 Walking Tour operators – feel free to plug any BROOKLYN based walking tours here.

By: Homer Fink Thu, 12 Nov 2009 20:20:47 +0000 From : Lost City will host its first-ever walking tour of Carroll Gardens on Sunday, November 22. That tour filled up so quickly that a second date has been announced for Sunday, December 6. If you’re interested in joining the tour, please make a reservation by emailing The cost is $20.

By: Gotham Walking Tours Sun, 08 Nov 2009 17:07:31 +0000 Many, many thanks for writing about Gotham Walking Tours.

We offer a number of tours of Brooklyn and are delighted that you included us among the tour groups listed.

Kindly note, however, that the correct link to our website is

(The link on this page connects one to a different sight).

Kind regards.
Lina Viviano
Founder, Gotham Walking Tours

By: Rich Garr Sun, 08 Nov 2009 01:27:38 +0000 Hi John,

Just a quick note: we’re trying to always spell Gotham SideWalks with a capital “W”. If you could easily change it, that would be awesome. If not, no biggie. Thanks so much for the mentions!

Take Care, Rich