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Sunset Serenade

Just because Christmas has faded to black doesn’t mean that the Brooklyn Heights Promenade doesn’t still offer some of the most organic beauty in all of New York. Taken Monday, December 26, just before dusk.

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The Top 10 Most Read Brooklyn Heights Blog Posts of 2011

Looking back on the Top 10 most read stories of 2011 on BHB, you can say that the year was a long, strange trip indeed. Here they are the 10 most read stories on our site in 2011:

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No Garbage Collection in Brooklyn Heights Until Wednesday

This in from Judy Stanton of the Brooklyn Heights Association: Dear Neighbors: I hope all are enjoying a holiday and had not planned to intrude on celebrations of Christmas Day with news about garbage.

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The Sweetest Story Ever Told

Today’s hipsters have nothing on Lord Buckley’s The Nazz, the sweet telling of the Christmas story by the legendary monologist. Man, if you ain’t hip to this classic, then you better check it after the jump. And if you is, then you’re already listening.

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Joyous Holidays to All!

The Brooklyn Heights Christmas tree and menorah as seen from your correspondent’s window this evening at dusk.

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DOE Proposes P.S. 8 Middle School Expansion

We previously reported that the City’s Department of Education was seriously considering expanding P.S. 8 to include a middle school that would be sited at Tillary Street and Tech Place in downtown Brooklyn. This morning, State Senator Daniel Squadron announced that the DOE has decided to go ahead with this plan: Last night, DOE answered […]

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Area Man Creates Homage Video to Brooklyn Heights Blog’s Karl Junkersfeld

BHB reader Dan Wolpow has elevated our man with a cam Karl Junkersfeld to the level of great filmmakers with this homage video. Only the greatest directors of all time – Fellini, Speilberg, Hitchcock – are worthy of such brilliant parody. Well, maybe we’re just thankful he didn’t use puppets. Watch for a cameo by […]

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New Grimaldi’s Open at 1 Front Street, Karl Fresses and Reports [Video]

Karl Junkersfeld checks out the new location of Grimaldi’s at 1 Front Street in his latest video. Grimaldi’s needed to move from its former location next door after it was announced that the original pizza man himself, Patsy Grimaldi, would be opening his own pizzeria called Juliana’s there. Watch the video after the jump.

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Brooklyn Bridge Sandblasting Wreaks Havoc

Motorists heading across the Brooklyn Bridge this afternoon were taken by surprise when their rear windows suddenly shattered. Eight cars on the Brooklyn-bound side of the bridge in the left-hand lane were passing an area where construction is ongoing, and sandblasting was in progress, when some sort of debris started hitting them. At least two […]

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Occupy Wall Street Archives May Come to Brooklyn Heights

The Awl writes about The Struggle for the Occupy Wall Street Archives and mentions that the remnants and ephemera from this year’s protest may end up in Brooklyn Heights. At least temporarily:

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