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New Neighbor: Le Petit Marche

The "historic" location of 46 Henry Street, where Brooklyn Heights Video store owner Marty Arno once received a $6000 fine for having an ashtray on the premises, is slated to become a French themed restaurant. While all we have to go on is a cute little sign in the window (caught on a cell phone […]

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Homer Fink’s Brigate Bocce Fall Schedule

Come out and root for Brigate Bocce:  ROUND 1Sunday, 10/11:00 – 1:45 Bourbon Balls vs Chewbocce1:45 – 2:30 Homer Fink's Brigate Bocce vs Boccismo2:30 – 3:15 Veni Vidi Bocce vs The Old Dirty Barristers3:15 – 4:00 Joanie Loves Bocce vs Do These Droids Speak Bocce? ROUND 2Sunday, 10/81:00 – 1:45 North Brooklyn vs Do These […]

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L’shanah Tovah, Party Like It’s 5767!

We were very thrilled to see the nabe's own SuperRabbi Simcah Weinstein (author of Up Up and Oy Vey!) on the front page of the latest edition of Brooklyn Papers.  He's seen celebrating Rosh Hashanah and the year 5767 by blowing a shofar on the Brooklyn Promenade. Elsewhere in this week's Brooklyn Paper, Tina Barry […]

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Cartman Comes to Heights Cinema

Man Push Cart (trailer), the writer/director Ramin Bahrani's critically acclaimed story of "the Bono of Pakistan" who comes to America and becomes a sidewalk vendor, opens today at the Brooklyn Heights Cinema I & II.  Ahmad Razvi, a New Yorker of Pakistani descent, stars as Ahmad.  Bahrani, an Iranian-American, tells the Associated Press: "A lot […]

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Heights Players Launch Kids’ Series

The Heights Players have announced the formation of the Heights Players Storybook Theater for Children. The season begins with Goldilocks, the Three Bears and Bubula, Too on October 5. It's written and directed by life long Heights Player Bill Wood. Plays will be performed on the first three Saturdays of each month at 11am at […]

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photo by citycrab

New Neighbor: Browning Frames and Prints

We were pleasantly surprised to find that Browning Frames and Prints had opened at 37 Cranberry Street.  As a matter of fact, we've been there and were very impressed with the level of service and friendliness from Katie and Joe at the store. They've got great old maps and prints for sale as well. Worth […]

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It’s a Dog’s Life on the Promenade

"Frisket" via epc's Flickr photostream

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Nabe Resident Seeks Biblo Books Folks

After our story about Jack Biblo's bookstore at 48 Hicks Street, we received this email from Bob who is looking for two of the store's employees.   In late 2002 – early 2003 I sold a number of books to Frances Biblo at her Hicks Street storefront, via a couple [Al and Gail] who were […]

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The Woman Who Had to Get to Work

Anyone who was riding the A train last week knows that pain of MTA delays. Nabe blogger City Crab writes about a recent incident on a train with a "sick passenger". City Crab: The Woman Who Had to Get to Work: This morning there were no tears, but there was the shaking. We had a […]

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Good Weekend in the Nabe

Saturday and Sunday were action packed days for nabe residents.  Saturday saw the inaugural Booklyn Book Festival at Brooklyn Borough Hall, while Sunday played host to the 32nd Annual Atlantic Antic street festival. We got to the Brooklyn Book Festival just in time for "Only the Dead Know Brooklyn," a panel reading of works by […]

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