More On That Proposed Bar At 72 Clark Street In Brooklyn Heights

DNAinfo provides a little more information on the proposed bar at 72 Clark Street. It’s main operator will be Jerry Doyle who owns Kelly’s Sports Bar in the East Village. As we previously reported, they had asked CB2 give it the green light to stay open until late. “Applicant sought a 3:00 am closing on weekdays and 4:00 am on Friday and Saturday. The committee asked applicant to close at 2:00 am, Sunday-Thursday, and applicant consented,” a CB2 staff member told BHB.

DNAinfo: [Doyle] plans to open a new bar that will serve drinks, appetizers, and have a jukebox and up to six televisions to watch sports. But there are 60 apartment buildings above the former coffee shop space and neighbors are worried about the noise.

“I am rather opposed to having a sports bar in the ground floor of where I live,” said Sabrina Bowers, who lives above the planned bar. “I want to be able to sleep at 3 a.m.”

Doyle argued for the 4 a.m. closing time saying that during his entire stint at the helm of his East Village bar, he never got a complaint about rowdy patrons.

“”I’ve had the bar on Avenue A for six years and haven’t a noise violation,” he said. “Not one.”

We’ve been to Kelly’s and they’re known for being a safe haven for fans of Buffalo Sabres, Buffalo Bills, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bulls, Florida Gators and Tottenham Hotspurs.

So is there room for sports bar in Brooklyn Heights? Good idea or epic fail? Discuss away!

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  • MadeInBrooklyn

    Exactly… Step into Custom House after 12 on most weeknights and it’s a ghost town… Sadly, this is tailor-made for the kids of the dorms across the street.

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    The Station was THEE underage drinking bar for the area (if you didn’t want to make the trek to Atlantic). In it’s last incarnation, it sadly also became a fight (and coke) mecca. too.

  • Claude Scales

    I was watching game six of the ’86 Series at home. The Sox led the Series 3-2, and looked to be comfortably ahead in what could have been the concluding game. I decided to go to Clark Street Station, where I knew my friend Bill, an avid Sox fan, would be, and congratulate him. When I got there it was pandemonium, but Bill was standing still, his face ashen. I asked what had happened, and he gestured at the TV just as there was a replay of the ball skittering between Buckner’s legs.

  • Daddyo

    Forget sports bars! Need to reopen Club Wild Fire in North Heights. Get those college kids off the streets!

  • MonroeOrange

    the 80’s are long over my friend….