Don’t #SaveLICH And The Trip To The Emergency Room Gets Dangerously Longer

NYC Public Advocate and Democratic candidate for mayor Bill DiBlasio tweeted out a map detailing the impact on door-to-ER travel time if Long Island College Hospital shuts down permanently.

In the words of a #SaveLICH demonstrator recently, “don’t get sick in this part of Brooklyn.”

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  • Peter Pan

    What happened to the missing dementia patient from LICH? He has been found in Florida. 2-days before the hospital was to be closed, someone bought him a bus ticket at the Port Authority, and put him on a bus to Florida.

    This is an old trick with a long tradition in the South. If you have a bum, or someone you want to get rid of…. buy him a one-way ticket to NYC, and ship your problem away.

    Is this SUNY’s new approach to health care? Bus it away somewhere else? And let someone else deal with it? This seems like a crime.


    Wow what a useless graphic – Obviously those that live close to LICH would need to go further if LICH closes.

  • gbkm

    If you look youll see that there is no hospital on the entire left side of that map. Die on the way

  • gbkm

    That’s why the attorney general medicaide fraud division launched an investigation the first time they tried this & the staff didn’t let him go. The day after the investigation was announced, he disappeared. The administration had to have gotten him out & on the bus. THEN reported him missing & let the cops get tied up with a silver alert, while the administrators knew all along where the man was. Wasting police personnel & city resources for a false report should have the same consequences for SUNY Downstate administrators at LICH as it would for any of us. Wheres Captain Schiff?

    The acting COO that Downstate put in charge of closing LICH worked for one of the nation’s largest for-profit hospital chains – in Texas. This is how they get rid of “undesireables” in hospitals in the south.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Excerpt from today’s Mcbrooklyn:

  • Rick

    The results of the investigation should be interesting.

  • Marathoner

    what propaganda! what do those poor souls in DUMBO do when they have a heart attack? who is fighting for them?

  • Arch Stanton

    Dumbo is also best served by LICH as an ambulance can take Furman St, which is usually clear, for most of the trip.

  • Roberto

    Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney just issued a Report Card for Skanska’s work on the Second Avenue Subway. Her standards should be looked into because it appears that Carolyn Maloney might be an easy marker. I recommend that Congresswoman Velázquez start serious grading of Skanska’s half billion dollar contract to rehabilitate the Brooklyn Bridge. Perhaps a pass/fail methodology would work best. To the thousands of residents on both ends of the Brooklyn who can expect nightly work through 2015, complete with jackhammering in the middle of the night, choruses of backup alarms, diesel fumes from generators, dust, demolition and movement of construction equipment, a more serious set of protections need to be enforced since the NYC Noise Code was waived for the essential work on the Bridge.