Does “Cat Hoarder” on Willow Place Have BeeBop?

Update: We’ve now received information, satisfactory to BHB, that there is no cat hoarder at any of the addresses in the range on Willow Place given in the e-mail we received.

We’ve received an e-mail from a source identified as “a group of concerned friends of the owner who is still missing her cat BeeBop.” (See photo.) According to Team BeeBop: “we were told that there is an alleged cat hoarder living on Willow Place between 43-51. They allegedly have missing BeeBop.”

A $3,000 “confidential cash” reward is offered for BeeBop’s safe return to his owner, Cathy. If you have information please call 917-837-6899 or email BeeBop also has a Facebook page:

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  • bklyn20

    There is no cat hoarder on Willow Place.

    I am sorry that BeeBop has not been found, but a mysterious cat hoarder is not the reason why.

  • blentobox

    Wow. The cat’s dead. Move on.

  • Henry

    Possibly BeeBop has already been served to someone at Andy’s, or one of our many fine dining establishments.

  • Nick A


  • bklyn20

    No need to get nasty!

  • Henry

    Wow man, you ruined my user name. Guess I’ll be dropping it, now that this brutish clod is using it too.

  • David on Middagh

    I have a theory. The “cat hoarder” is not a hoarder at all, no, no! He or she is a daring entrepreneur who, having calculated the trajectory of the ever-increasing reward, and gambled on the patience, steadfastness, and gratitude of the original owner, has instigated a tuxedo-feline breeding program to mimic the missing BeeBop in every fuzzy particular.

    Prediction: Discount “partial” BeeBops soon to flood the market. Recommendation: Wait.

  • A Neighbor

    This has gotten a bit silly. I love my cat — but $3,000 for a kitten which, as I recall, the owner only had for a short time? The owner needs to get on with his or her life. I don’t mean to be nasty, but the money might better be spent on a few sessions with a shrink.

  • Knight

    Claude, please, either show us the cat or retract the story. Now.

  • James

    What about the cat hoarder on Columbia Place between 10 and 30?

  • AEB

    If you have a beloved missing pet, and you can afford to pay $3,000 to get it back–why not?

    Some people continue to make a spurious distinction between the love of a human and that for an animal. Another animal, that is.

  • Mr. Crusty

    @AEB are you really suggesting cats and humans are essentially the same because we are both animals and equally deserving of the same depth of love?

    If and when I see you snuggling up to one of those rats running around Montague Terrace (and no, I dont mean Gerry) I’ll give more credence to your comment.

  • Jeanie Coolahan

    First of all, thank you for publishing this article about BeeBop. That was very kind and thoughtful of you!
    Secondly, those of you who criticize the owner for wanting her kitty back, you apparently have never really loved an animal. That love is so special it is one of a kind. As far as saying they are not equal to the “human” animal, you are right. They are BETTER! From what I’ve seen of the “human” race in the news, and everyday life, this group is slowly going down the ladder to being barbaric creatures.
    As far as the reward money goes, I understand that it was through donations to help the owner get someone to come forward with information about her kitty. That is her business and the donors’ business… was kind of them to help out!
    I pray every day that BeeBop is found, and returned to his owner where he should be!

  • Susan T.

    What do you all have to lose by keeping an eye out for this cat and not bad-mouthing the owner? How do you know the cat is dead? Did you kill it? Who are you to say that it’s time to move on? It isn’t you cat. This lady can choose to look for her pet until the end of time, and she deserves to be able to do it without snarkiness from angry, bitter people. Damn.

  • Cathy

    Steven Patrick Morrissey. You are a fool! I am the owner of missing BeeBop and I have a log of every call and number that comes in. Hundreds. You never called me and you never spoke to me. So get your facts straight before you call me a LIAR!!!
    Call me. Cathy Sheehan at 917-837-6899. I’m not hiding.

  • Homer Fink

    Moz – all possibilities are on the table.

  • AEB

    Mr. Crusty, I am suggesting–no, saying–that love is indivisible,

    You are looking for a fight–and you won’t get one from me.

  • AEB

    …but I would like to add that, having been a BHB thread contributor for a long time, and taking “vacations” from it from time to time, I’m completely discouraged to return to it these days to discover that the default response to posters is so often hostility and mean-spiritedness.

    I enjoy facetiousness and jibing more than the next person, I’d say. But, the reflexive, often witless bashing here makes me want to run in the opposite direction fast. Worst of all–it’s the opposite of fun.

  • Amanda

    Cat hoarding is animal cruelty. If you suspect this is going please contact the ASPCA and have them investigate the situation.

  • Just saying

    Those of you who have posted disgusting, heartless, evil, untrue comments should all be ashamed of yourselves. You are perfect examples of why someone would place so much energy into finding a cat, a being that is certainly more loving than you who I mention

  • Mr. Crusty

    Don’t mess with cat lovers. I know. I am married to one.

  • Sal Manilla

    There are some strange looking homes on Willow Place. Strange looking people too. Dogs barking all the time, I bet the dog got the cat.

  • http://BeeBopvsthetwoleggedanimals Daniece

    I’ve read these comments with shock and sadness. And yet the cruel and pathetic ones are the very reason many people would do much more to help an animal than any person. Some Humans are not near as caring or intelligent as our pets. I guess my mom was very right — if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Good luck, Cathy. I’ve been following on FB.

  • Andrew Porter

    I have been hoarding “David on Middagh”s. So far I only have the one, but am hopeful of either capturing or breeding new ones. Getting one with the right amount of cat and bicycle appreciation is very difficult, however.

  • TeamBeeBop

    I’m appalled that this “elite” Brooklyn Heights neighborhood has such hostility and mean-spirited residents commenting on a “pet sensitive” block. This same neighborhood says BeeBop was “taken in” which gives us all the more reason to strive forward and find BeeBop. We will NEVER give up looking, so come forward now! Call 917-837-6899

  • David on Middagh

    Porter, sometimes I re-evaluate whether you’re my friend on a daily basis.

    Thanks for the leftover xgiving wine.

  • Mr. Crusty

    NEVER give up looking !

    Never, I say.

  • WillowNabe

    It is difficult to reconcile this so called “elite” neighborhood with the jerks who post on this blog nowadays. A few of them have hijacked this blog making it almost impossible for anyone who is civilized to want to contribute.
    I have been on the lookout for BeeBop ever since he disappeared. I have always thought that someone might have taken him in. I hope you find BeeBop, I really do.

  • Lisa

    Why do people who have nothing constructive to say feel the need to post and show their stupidity? Seriously, you obviously have nothing constructive to add, so why bother- do you get off on it??

    I’ve followed Beebops story since he went missing, and its grown more and more mysterious as the info has come out. Cathy has every right to push the issue! To most people *pets* are family, personally if you don’t see an animal as a loved one then you shouldn’t have one. To those of you who seem to think humans are above other creatures, it is that way of thinking that has made our species so pompous and full of itself when in truth we should be ashamed of what as a whole we have become and strive to make what’s left of this world a better place for ALL living things!

    And if there is truly someone who has taken Beebop knowing full well that he had a home with a loving owner then something should be done! It shouldn’t be a money thing, just give her the cat back!!

  • MonroeOrange

    I hope you find your cat. However, I’m sure many people here are commenting on the fact that, you have searching for this cat for over a year now with no luck and unsubstantiated theories of cat hoarders is a bit much. If you do think someone stole your cat,,call the ASPCA. They will launch an investigation. But to list a group of addresses on willow is irresponsible and dangerous. Good luck in finding your cat. And before people attack me, I post on here often about cats and dogs and the challenges it is dealing with all the animal haters just bc my dog pees on a tree!