Macy’s Lighting Up the Harbor this Friday

In celebration of the 125th Anniversay of the Statue of Liberty, Macy’s will be sponsoring another fireworks extravaganza this Friday, October 28, starting at 7:45 PM. The display will be centered on Liberty Island and BH residents should have good sight lines from the Promenade and Brooklyn Bridge Park. More details available at 212-494-5243.

Update: there will be a parade of ships from 42nd Street to the Statue of Liberty Friday morning starting at at 10:30. This will also be visible from the Promenade

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  • DrewB

    Everybody got that? You’ve been given warning. Fireworks Friday night @ 7:45. Nothing to be scared of. Prepare your children and pets so we don’t have to read the whining on Saturday morning. Or better yet, take them out to enjoy the free display!

  • Hicks St Guy

    there goes the neighborhood, all these outsiders will come in,
    start your teeth gnashing now.

  • C

    The one time we actually get a heads up I won’t be around. Blast!

  • DrewB

    you can find the rest of the displays for the year listed here: