Heights Books: Moving, Not Closing

BHB spoke today with Tracy Walsch, owner of Heights Books on Montague Street.  Their current location, 109 Montague Street, is for sale and the store will need to move,  however she tells us that Heights Books will live on at another location.  They will be searching for a new home and hope to remain in the area.   It’s just a matter of finding the right space at a good price she adds.

Flickr photo by pijus

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  • bornhere

    God. By “might be a work,” I think I was trying to say “might work” or “might be a good idea.” (Must remember to attend those English as a FIRST Language classes.)

  • joe

    used text books will be a thing of the past eventually. these days kids are putting up illegal pdf scans of text books on file sharing servers like mule donkey. the inventory is growing by leaps and bounds and its only a matter of time before every major intro book is going to be represented. How about an itunes for text books?

    This generation of kids (no judgement since I’m not sure where I stand on this issue) don’t believe in paying for content whether its music or books especially when they feel like the publishers are fleecing them.

  • Andrew Porter

    I stopped in to the bookstore tonight on the way to Key Food and incredibly they’d never read anything here on the topic. They have this incredibly slow dial-up service running on an ancient Windows computer with Internet Explorer — the story took several minutes to load. Hopefully they might get some input into possible alternate sites. Also mentioned: the former home of Innovative Audio on Clinton near Remsen, except an owner said he’d also checked out the former Bolton’s site, and the owners are apparently interested in selling the entire building, so aren’t interested in renting anything now.

  • nabeguy

    Bornhere, in your days at NYU, did you ever go into the 8th Street Bookshop? If so, I may have sold you some books.