Open Thread Wednesday 5/18/11

BHB Photo Club pic by Tim Schreier

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  • Karl Junkersfeld


    As was said earlier by TK Small, it wasn’t Homer that said we should thank him, it was my sentiment.

    As far as maintaining a blog that reports on a daily basis, it is extremely time consuming and all encompassing. I have tremendous admiration for Homer, Jonathan (Brownstoner), and MK (mcbrooklyn) in particular.

    I do my best to contribute but get burned out after only a few efforts. Just the thought of having the responsibility of putting out a quality product on a daily basis seems daunting and I marvel at these folks. You may not think it is very difficult to maintain a high level product day in and day out but I respectfully disagree.

    As far as financial renumeration for the work put into this blog, a cost/benefit analysis would probably show Homer coming out on the short end. I doubt that Homer is singing on the way to the bank. Just my personal opinion.

    Ironically ABC, talking about consistent quality, I even appreciate your frequent excellent postings on this blog, as well as, others you frequent.

  • bklyn20

    Sorry but there is an unfortunate critical mass of teens in the neighborhood. Many — maybe even most — go to our illustrious local private schools. Three times this year alone they have wreaked havoc in corners of the Heights and Cobble Hill. In all of these events the police have been called by multiple residents, but not until now have there been any official consequences. I don’t agree with naming minors in the press. I do approve of the police and Councilperson acting in loco parentis when the parents are either in absentia or just plain loco.

  • yesitsthetruth

    north heights- look back at past blogs… he has made a lot of women uncomfortable.

  • sunshinebk

    WillowtownCop 31. Mar, 2011 at 11:38 pm #
    @ Emily- I have seen him in the park at the end of Columbia Place in the middle of the night. He’s the reason I don’t cut through that park if I take the bus home anymore.

    northheights- this is about the man you are saying is not sketchy. if i am correct willowtowncop is a man not a woman, so it’s not a bunch of scared ladies in a tizzy… i can’t speak for everyone else that has posted about him but i know that I don’t post about him bc he’s “homeless” and im ” scared of the homeless”. I simply think people should be careful….my lord.

  • bornhere

    subshinebk — WillowtownCop is a woman, but I think gender is pretty irrelevant on this issue.
    The Heights has several “resident” homeless or odd ones, some of whom are more troublesome, others of whom are just lost; but, regardless, it strikes me as curious that (it seems) no one who has commented about this guy has called the police to report the extremely routine “suspicious person” and let the cops figure it out — or at least get him on some sort of radar. If he is wholly benign, he’ll just be one of many known to the community and the police; if he is any kind of real threat, a call to the 84 might serve a real purpose.

  • Mitch

    I just went to Lantern for takeout, which I paid for with a Lantern gift certificate. The cost of the food I ordered was less than the value of the certificate. A staff member asked me to order more food to be sure the takeout total equaled or exceeded the certificate amount. The server said they could not give me cash change. I protested, asking if they could instead issue a new gift certificate for the difference. Again, the server said no. Instead, I had to order much more food than I needed, and had to pay a few dollars out of pocket. This is an interesting business practice to say the least.

  • Jeffrey j Smith


    I looked into the Village Voice page and what did I see-
    A group of Heights “patriots” and traditional Christian are ON
    THE VIDEO at the Sen Ruben Diaz rally last Sunday in the Bronx
    on the proposed same sex marrage bill…

    One of the leaders of the Heights contingent was positioned RIGHT NEXT to Sen Diaz for the duration of the event.

    the Voice page is titled “videos from Ruben Diaz Sr’s anti-gay marrage rally same day”


  • north heights res

    bklyn20: I’m a teacher of those teenagers. in one of those private school. They’re smart, engaging, aware, and curious. And yeah, they’re teenagers, so sometimes they act goofy, particularly when they’re hanging out with their friends.

    And then there are some that do deplorable things, like the ones involved with the playground incident. But they are not at all characteristic of teenagers in general, or the ones in this neighborhood, and it’s unfair to lump them together.

    As for the sweatshirt guy: that people are afraid of him may have much more to do with the people than with the man.

  • AEB

    The building depicted above has always delighted me: it’s proportions, it’s cozy grandeur. And I’ve always enjoyed peeking into the ground floor apartment nearest Henry and seeing some very well reasoned decor.

    Does anyone know more about the structure?

  • Anonymouse

    Thanks, weegee. Good to know.

  • T.K. Small

    When I was the age of these kids, even as a person with a disability, I did some remarkably stupid, inconsiderate and probably illegal things. By all means, they need to be held accountable and demonstrate remorse. But people are making it sound like these kids are wild eyed murderers, running around with blood in their eyes. This seems a bit extreme. I don’t think that one bad decision should end up being a permanent mark on their records. The parents are paying (probably should pay more) and substantial community service is appropriate.

  • JAFO

    The “Grey Hooded Man” is a performance piece art installment. I can’t say who the artist is, but you are part of the art. Imagine that?

  • Andrew Porter

    Homer: When I was publishing my news magazine, I would produce an issue containing thousands of words, only to have someone comment about a typographical error they found. People will comment on the most minor aspect of what you’re doing, ignoring the entire rest of the content. People are like that: unless they can find something wrong, they’re not happy. One guy reminded me of something I got wrong in the very first issue, *ten years* later!

  • JAFO

    This is the Brooklyn Bound J train making any stop I want to.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    All kids make mistakes, sure. But its the total response to an incident like this that matters. Communities have to send
    a clear strong signal that what was done is NOT acceptable.

    This incident, how it is being handled and the aftermath is EXACTLY like when kids were hanging out atthe court at
    Monroe and Pierrepont. First it wa small then it was hoards
    of kids and then there was a BIG drug presence. At every
    stage there were people (usually casino connected) who
    excused or minimised everything. Kids from the projects discovered that as long as they had one or two kids from well known families there were people who no matter what they were witnessing would not call the police. All thiswent on until three kids OD’ed and one kid high on a mix of booze and drugs tried to knock someone’s eye out with a broken bottle.

    (Part 7 of the secret history of the Heights……)

    Finally people had enough and like twelve kids were arrested for drugs and violent acts. We didnt care who they were. They cant
    abuse people, especially the elderly here.

    But there was a system of damage control. First there was a well
    established element who would excuse and minimize. Then the
    local press would refuse to cover any incident involving kids of
    a certain background and we had to fight so the charges were reduced to nothing or the cas ewas simply dismissed. The kid
    who tried to blind in front of many witnesses was only charged
    with disorderly conduct.

    So its the same old boy network protecting thier brats. That
    in large part is why kids from places like Farragut cme here
    with the attitudes they do. Because the Heights is NOT send-
    ing the right signals.

  • bklyn20

    Sorry, North Heights Resident. Although I understand your desire to defend your pupils, there IS a problem here and it is well beyond “goofy.” Twice this year large groups of teens have descended on my part of the neighborhood. They are out after 9 pm, yelling cursing, and in one of the incidents shoving and pushing each other. This is in the middle of the street. When asked politely to quiet down and break it up, they cursed directly at my neighbors and me and kept right at it. Probably they had been drinking, smoking, whatever. What lovely behavior for my younger child to see and hear! This was a group of well over 25 and possibly even 50 kids. These are kids from our neighborhood. In another incident with a large group, when told that the police had been called, the response was, yes, more insults and profanity. I was able to convince a small group of girls to leave with the “cops are coming” news. The rest went right on with their out of control actions. TK and friends I am not suggesting that these incidents require long jail terms, or that it is all the local kids, but it is a good number of them and they need to stop it before someone is seriously injured. Do their parents have any idea of this behavior? This kind of thing should not be washed away with dollar bills. It’s sad it had to take a playground burning to wake people up.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    cristina, et al. “hoodiephobes” If you are so curious to know what’s up with this guy why don’t you just ask him directly?

  • x

    Did anyone get a photo of the Academy bus this morning getting its window caught/damaged by the scaffording while attempting a tight right turn onto Clinton Street from Remsen?

    No cars can go through Clinton/Remsen this morning because of it.

  • sky

    It seems to me that the men in Brooklyn Heights are getting hotter, while the women are getting frumpier…has anyone else noticed this?

  • mlo

    I don’t think its wrong or unusual for anyone to wonder about a person who hangs around our parks wearinga hoodie and appears to “perhaps” be troubled socially, emotionally or mentally.

    It’s typical for criminals or someone who is up to no good to wear hoodies and do things to hide there appearance. Given that fact then its normal to wonder if this person is a “potential” threat. It’s human instinct to want to protect ourselves and our loved ones. No one said the guy is a bad person – they simply asked if anyone knew anything about him. Maybe he’ scrazy -maybe he’s a sociopath-maybe he’s harmless-maybe its a social experiment- the question was “DOES ANYONE KNOW …”

  • T.K. Small

    @bklyn20: I think that when I posted my comment, I was thinking more of the “red meat” that was being consumed on the CHB. I agree with you completely that a group of as many as 50 teenagers, acting out of control, needs to be addressed. This is a situation which I was unaware of and I appreciate your bringing it to my attention.

  • Claude Scales

    Sky: every morning I look at my bathroom mirror and say to myself, “Every day, and in every way, I am getting hotter and hotter.”

  • sunshinebk

    Mlo- THANK YOU, for being the only PERSON who GOT EXACTLY WHAT others and myself were addressing ! we were never saying ” Oh my god this person is horrible, I hate the homeless…blah blah blah” WE were simply ASKING if anyone had heard anything or had seen him do anything out of the ordinary. I see the little homeless man in clark street with the over coat everyday and he doesn’t bother me at all, BECAUSE HE DOESN’T DO ANYTHING.this was never an issue of the homeless.. this was an issue about a man acting rather strange.. it was stating in an earlier blog that he had followed a mother and child. I don’t know if anyone was EVER aware of this but a strange guy had moved into a brownstone APT on hicks many years ago and my doorman gave my mother as well as me a flyer with his mug shot on it because he was following women with a camara under his jacket…. my window faced his and I would see him masterbating in front of the window facing me, having sex on a couch with a lamp on that had this red scarf over it. THERE ARE SO WEIRD people EVERYWHERE even are precious little nabe. this wasn’t about being ignorant or scared.. we have the right to ASK. So please stop with ” maybe he’s cold….” ” maybe you are too judgemental”. I have grown up here.. i’ve seen a lot of people.. and this one struck me a bit seems a lot of others have felt the same way.

  • AEB

    Sky: no!

  • Linda

    An emphatic NO!

  • Suzette

    Butch is the name of the old guy who drinks and sits on the corner of State and Willow Place…he is a former boxer and yes, he has been missing.

  • MJ

    Re: grey hooded sweatshirt
    Is this the same guy who would wear shorts in the winter? Black sneakers, untied? If so, he was not actually homeless – he lived at 52 Clark with his mother. There was definitely something wrong with him – and I called his social worker many times because he smelled and was not being taken care of. His mother didn’t allow him to have keys to the apartment and we would find him asleep in the building vestibule or outside in the hallway when he was locked out. Apparently his mother passed away a few weeks ago and he went to live with his brother. Hopefully he will now get the help he needs.

  • sunshinebk

    mj- I don’t think it is the same person. but then again i’m not sure… I didn’t starting seeing him till a few months ago when it was still cold out and he was sporting a puffy jacket along with huge sweat pants and sweat shirt with the hood on, tied on tight covering his face. Now the jacket is gone and just the sweat pants and sweat shirt are his outfit.

  • sunshinebk

    start* not starting

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    Jeffrey j Smith asked: “What ever happened to “tool belt louie””

    Big Lou (who I assume is your “tool belt Louie) from Monroe Place is back in the ‘hood despite a rumored restraining order against him due to a legal incident a few years back… He can usually be found in front of Peas N Pickles at night, running his mouth off, smoking and drinking a tall-boy.

    What was the controversy regarding his CB radio base?