Best Nightlife Open Thread


Sure, Brooklyn Heights hasn't been known as a bastion of nightlife since the Bossert and St. George Hotels closed their nightclubs decades ago. But there's still some fun out there.  Where do you go in the neighborhood to have fun? Where's that place where "everyone knows your name"?  Comment below! 

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  • Damon the barkeep

    It is quite odd to see this thread digress into a referendum on my skills (or lack thereof) behind the bar.

    I take a great amount of pride in Jack the Horse Tavern and the work that we do here. I study my craft intensely, work diligently, and log long hours, all in the pursuit of making my bar a welcoming place for the neighborhood to enjoy a great cocktail or a well cooked meal. I know that we don’t always hit our mark, but we do our damnedest to make JtH a spot that this neighborhood can take pride in as well. I personally have invested far too much of my soul here to let it be anything less.

    Thank you to the many voices of support on this page. Glad to hear that I’ve done right for you all more often than not. Thank you.

    Annon: I apologize that you have had a negative experience when here in my bar. Unfortunately, it seems that good bartender hospitality was lost, and I take full responsibility for this. I heartily invite you to visit my bar again, tell me who you are, shake my hand, and enjoy the kind of experience that your neighbors have written about here.

  • notimportant

    i grew up here – was too young to enjoy many of the places you describe above when they were still around, but not too young to be an avid underage drinker at Clark Street Station. ah, we packer, st. anns, and friends kids loved that place. but that was “old new york” when you could get away w/ that.

    re: JtH and damon – i’m a fan. his drinks are great and he’s happy to talk you through them. whisky pours are healthy and, frankly, that matters too! keep up the good work damon!

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    Sue wrote: “don’t know what was meant by “element” from Cobble Hill re: Clark Street Station”

    I wrote Carrol Gardens, not Cobble Hill which should make it more clear. Think bent noses.

    And yes, the bar was awful in that incarnation with tons of fights and puking little kids on the street… When they first opened, under the orginal owners, it was a great spot though with better than the usual bar food.